Blog 5

The Benefits Of Organic Fertilizers

By Nile River Landscape | JUNE 10TH, 2020 | Blog

Fertilizer is a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility. The type of fertilizer you use has a large impact on the quality of your product. The thing about fertilizer is that it’s used to create natural products… so why would you want to use chemicals to promote growth? […]

Blog 4

5 Types Of Pruning Cuts

By Nile River Landscape | APRIL 20TH, 2020 | Blog

When it comes to pruning, you can never be too careful. Whether it is a shrub or a bonsai or a large tree, they all require different techniques to ensure proper growth and an appealing look. As you begin to pay attention to different kinds of pruning techniques, you’ll begin to recognize the pattern. Now, […]

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What Is Hydroseeding And Why Is It So Great?

By Nile River Landscape | MARCH 07, 2020 | Blog

Hydroseeding can be defined as “to sow (a field, lawn, etc.) with seed by distribution in a stream of water propelled through a hose.” Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. A slurry is a semi-liquid substance, in this case, mixed with seed and mulch. Hydroseeding is often used […]

Blog 2

13 Interesting Facts About Lawn Care

By Nile River Landscape | Jan 20, 2020 | Blog

Lawns add beauty and curb appeal to our yards. They are a living piece of our homes and spaces. It’s important to take the steps necessary for proper lawn care! In order to do that, it’s also important to know some facts about what you’re taking care of. Here are some fun facts about lawns […]

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It’s Yard Spring Cleaning Time! We Are Here To Help

By Nile River Landscape | Jan 02, 2020 | Blog

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your house. It’s equally as important to focus on the regularly viewed part of your house as well: your yard. Getting your yard ready for the new season is an important part of upkeep and further growth. Here we have some necessary steps for spring cleaning that […]